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Day 297 Too Many Pictures!


As previously mentioned in these pages, I am reorganising my digital photo library, with the help of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4, which I am told is the best photo management system on the market. As a starting point I have pulled together all of the images I want included in my image library, into one folder called Lightroom Photos. Below that main folder I have divided the library into a bunch of sub-folders, one for each of my image sources. That’s six Canon digital cameras, a Canon scanner, and a small library of photos scanned from my print library. I have chosen to exclude images taken using things like mobile phones.

Below each image source sub-folder, I have divided my images between further sub-folders by subject matter, and these are further subdivided into even more sub-folders depending on the precise content. For example, a photograph taken on my Canon SX40 HS, of a street market in Cha Am, Thailand might be filed as: Lightroom Photos → Canon SX40 HS → Thailand → Cha Am → Street Market. These images could, if required, be further subdivided into say people and produce.

Well done if you are still reading.

Having got all my images in one place, I installed LR4 and imported the entire library into it, but something went wrong. For some reason, I ended up with a batch of images that didn’t import, or at least I couldn’t find thumbnails of them. I tried to import them separately, but was told they were already in LR4. Confused and bewildered, I tried all sorts of things to get the images to appear as thumbnails, but without success. I eventually decided to start again. Having removed the program, I re-booted (Quite hard) my system and then reinstalled the program. I was surprised to find that when I opened the new installation, my previous catalogue was already in place, minus the shortfall.

What to now, I mused. I decided to remove the folder called Lightroom Photos from the program. I clicked the remove button, making sure I wasn’t removing my original images from the computer, and only removing the thumbnails from LR4. Satisfied all was well, I watched as the progress bar inched its way across the screen, from left to right. Eventually I got a message to say that removal was complete, but the evidence of my own eyes suggested that my PC was lying to me. The entire catalogue, minus the rogue images, was still sitting pretty on my screen. However I noticed that my PC was working its socks off at something or other, and the blue light indicating that my Intel Core i3 Processor was working overtime. After half an hour or so, the light was still constant, without even the hint of a flicker. I decided to walk away and do something else till the machine took a rest. I checked regularly, and about two hours later I noticed that folders were disappearing from my screen. At last.

I am now in the middle of re-importing the 32,000 or so images, and this time I will make sure that the computer is at rest before I decide that it has failed to bring in, every last image. I am putting the previous failure down to over exuberance and impatience of the user.

Snow showers have come and gone since breakfast, and it has been comforting to be able to close my new office window blind and forget about the miserable weather outside.

Mrs C held a family history get together this afternoon, which had the benefit of Mrs C finding it necessary to bake a batch of delicious scones for her guests. I am delighted to say we had a surplus, which I am having to work my way through. The things I do for that girl!

Scones in need of cosumption. Someone has to do it

Scones in need of consumption. Someone has to do it


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